About Us

The company was formed on a vision to provide customers who have appetite for excellent food several choices of Philippine foods at reasonable prices.

First, there was Little Asia Noodle House in 2007 which is being managed by Cherry Maglalang whose passion for cooking started as soon as she learned to talk and walk- growing up on the second floor of their house which had the Bulakena Restaurant on the ground floor. Nurtured by her father on the rudiments of cooking various food, Cherry soon took after her father’s footsteps and even extended her vision by sharing her delicious foods to Edmontonians.

Second, husband, Robert (Bobby) Maglalang, whose training and expertise have been on management and finance, being an executive of several large companies ( PNOC, Borden, Philsteel) while teaching Economics and Personnel Management at various universities in Manila, complemented the phenomenal growth of Little Asia Noodle House and established Little Asia Distributor Ltd.in 2015.

With help from Ino and Mary Geneblazo, Ruben Manansala and Gil Pasalo, Little Asia Distributor Ltd  soon became a supplier of Mill Woods Coop Store, Save On Foods and numerous Filipino stores in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatchewan.

Your one stop shop for food products from the Philippines